On this Wednesday 48th episode of IMP was held on Center for Environment Education as it was held on 5th June which is known as World Environment Day. Independent Mass Power (IMP) is a platform of the student where they debate and discuss various trending issue.  On contemplation of this day, the topic we have chosen to debate on was ‘Does media sheds enough light on environmental issues’ with the panelist Vedang Bhatt and Sebino Fernandas were in the negative aspect of the topic while panelist  Madhu Singh and Saanica Wahal were in the positive aspect of the topic. In this debate, we have invited Abhishek Pawar as a subject expert who manages the Young Reporting on Environment Programme. Along with them, we have anchor Prathiusha Poduval.

As we all are aware that media is the fourth pillar of our society and it plays a very important role in our society when it comes to awareness. On this point, we discussed that what a role should a media should play when it comes to awareness about environmental issues.

In which Abhishek Pawar said that media should not only take the responsibility of awareness but along with that media should take the initiative to make people save our environment. During this debate, they also discuss the issues like global warming, plastic waste, loss of biodiversity, water scarcity and climate change.

According to the panelist Sebino, Print media, that continues to be dominant and most powerful compared to electronic media will play an enormous role in environment protection. The construct of environmental protection could be a reality referring to livelihoods. some print and broadcast media had offered columns and have programs on the surroundings. However, the general coverage is kind of primitive and restricted. While on this Saanica revert that Media do take a lot of initiative in terms of this but it is a duty of the citizen to take the responsibility and be the change.

While Vedang said that it is a sad part that our media is bounded by public interest story and environmental issues get very less attention than it should be needed and media should give more attention as it is serious issue into which Madhu said that media to understand the responsibility of being the fourth pillar and it has also proved that if we tend to mention the foremost recent event “Swach Bharat Abhiyan” by the govt of India is perfect example, credit of its success goes to correct media attention and this attention has unfolded awareness among voters across the country. Same phenomena go with the “Maryada Abhiyan” by Hindustan Zinc which is an integrated part of Swach  Bharat Abhiyan who geared toward Constructing bathrooms within the country and set the country free from the outside bathroom.

The debate was concluded by Prathiusha by stating that Environment should become the serious issues for all of us and it is not only the part of Government and media to take care of it but it is duties of the citizen as well to save our earth and teach our future generation the same.