On the occasion of Teacher’s Day, September 5 2021, at J.B. Auditorium Ahmedabad, the National Institute of Mass Communication and Journalism (NIMCJ) had organised a Convocation Event for Batch 11th and 12th of the Postgraduate Diploma students.

The event commenced with a reminiscence of the almighty.

The last two years have remained tough for the whole world. We lost many souls to the sky, and in the remembrance of all of them, two minutes of silence was observed. 


NIMCJ, the media school established in 2007 with collective efforts of all trustees, celebrated it’s 9th Convocation event, with a placement average of more than 95%. PG Diploma was the initial pedestal, followed by the UG programme, affiliated with Gujarat University.


NIMCJ in its infancy itself has made glorifying impacts, in all the fields of media; print, electronic, digital or advertising PR. With the students marking their own into the field, around 17 students have established their own Startups.  The institution has been awarded excellence in placements by the Government of Gujarat and secures the topmost rank in Outlook and India Today. The institution is filled with pride announcing two of its gold medalists currently being posted in the Army.


With the heart filled with contentment, Chief Guest, Anilesh Mahajan made the students take the oath, and assure their duties keeping ethics in front. 


During the event, the 11th and 12th PG batch, one after another were awarded their degrees, followed by the deliverance of Chief Guest, Shri Anilesh Mahajan and Guest of Honours, Shru Prakash Varmora.


While addressing the future mass communicators, Shri Prakash Varmora, the Chairman of Varmora Group of industries mentioned that he believes, “intentions” play a vital role in communication and to direct those intentions in the right manner, he instructed four ways::

  • Be friends to all,
  • Behave humbly and with love,
  • Have a feeling of gratitude,
  • Be kind to all.


After the words of wisdom from Shri Prakash, Shri Anilesh Mahajan, the senior editor of India Today continued the deliverance. 


The senior editor of India Today guided the students about the importance of asking questions and working towards finding the answers. He suggested the youngster stay away from moral play or power play. He said that one must abide by their ethics and duties to shine through their journey.  


Shri Pradeep Jain, the managing trustee of NIMCJ, expressed his heartfelt gratitude towards the guest and also congratulated everyone, as the institute looks forward to shifting to a new campus in the coming two years. 


In talks with Antahkaran, both the gold medalists, Shina Utvani (Batch 11) and Utkarsha Nagarkar (Batch 12), expressed their gratitude towards the faculty for their boundless support and for the juniors. 

Utkarsha while referring to life after college and being in the field said, “it is hectic, work from home reduces the time we spend with family, however, keeping heads high, we must always move forward.”


“Since 2014, because of availability of devices and leisure time, the audience waiting for information to be transmitted has crossed multi-folds, hereby, the duty of a mass communicator increases to remain stick to their responsibilities and make sure, the information reaches the grass-root level”, says Shri Anilesh Mahajan, in conversation with Antahkaran. 


Dr Shirish Kashikar, the Director head of NIMCJ, gushed, “in the coming years, we visualize the institute growing with pace, the shift in place will undoubtedly make us build yet more pedestals.”