Dear PV Sindhu,

You are the epitome of the quote very wisely quoted by Dan Gable, “Gold medals aren’t made of gold. They’re made of sweat, determination and a hard-to-find alloy called guts”. You are the reason why the shades of our tricolor brighten up so high and proud. You are the reason why our national anthem isn’t just a sound but goosebumps for every Indian when they hear. You are the reason why our soil is still so connected to its ground. You are the reason why people around the globe know what India stands for and is capable of. You are the reason why girls choose their freedom over caged bars and who choose to stay calm in the thunderstorm put forth by our society. You are the reason why girls feel proud of themselves. You are the reason why discrimination amongst guys and girls have reduced particularly in the smaller scale.

You, are the reason why everybody believes in ‘you can’t win unless you learn how to lose’. You are what others dream to be. You are what we, the girls, look up as a role model. You are the one who in literal terms have proved that stars shine only when it’s dark. You are the one who made us believe that sports are more than Cricket. This World Championship win has been a glory to us. Not just on our insta stories but you have made a special place in our history books. We know this is just the beginning of a new record that you are planning to set in your upcoming matches.

Thank you for being the voice of our nation. For becoming that storm to unfilter the mind-set of people who think girls are better off-field. Thank you, for strengthening Agle janam mohe bitiya hi kijo against Na aana iss desh meri lado.
Dearest PV Sindhu, we’re okay with the rising prices of gold, for now, we have you.

Yours thankfully,
The entire nation.

Utkarsha Nagarkar