• Life:- A word for which we are.
• Dreams & Goals:- Words for which we live.
• Food, Water & Air:- Basic survival amenities that help us to go through and live life.

• Money:- A growing desire which is indirectly affecting us negatively and positively in living life.  In short, money is a need which is capable of fulfilling the other needs.      

Life, Money, Fall and Rise, Ups and Downs, Success & Failures, Love & hate, family & friends, Motivation & breakdowns, Happy or sad, Smarter or dumber, hope & courage, believe & faith, average or out of the box
your dreams which are stacked under the responsibility of your family or the dreams of your family for which you have taken the responsibility.

A life which is lived without any ups and downs is just a process of living life. After all this as a human being we shall conclude that considering each situation of our life as a part of our life. Enjoy every emotion, failure, success by learning from it. Take out positivity from every moment or incident in your life. Just feel lucky to have an extraordinary life which you are living and never lack behind in reaching your goal which you have set.

Most of us are considering the destination as an end that means full stop but without the commas, a proper space, an exclamatory mark, are the main things which make us understand the sentence or paragraph. After reaching to the destination you somehow feel satisfied with your work and later on, you are not very much active but while you are walking in the journey you are more passionate, more observative and more likely to explore new things and a more interesting and motivating person for many others.

Just smile and make your journey more beautiful because the bitter truth of life is that even we spent half of our life in achieving the goal, at last, we spent the remaining life in remembering the journey because The Journey is more beautiful than destination.

-Moorthi Naidu