It’s a new day, new morning

and I still hear people snoring

Woodpecker hammering, and sun raising

birds chirping and flowers blooming

all these tell us that A NEW DAY HAS BEGUN

with lots and lots to come.

we grow old each day

but not sure to wake up the next day

days pass too, do they grow old too?

we did one-day leaving things apart. Do days die too?

I question this each day I wake up

but disappoint myself as my questions are dumb

I was under my blanket with darkness all around

waiting for that glimpse of light to strike my wound

and as I removed my blanket, A ROOM FILLED WITH SUNRAYS, was what I found

the room filled with sorrow and pain

now showed me a clear vision of what to aim

I now don’t fear this darkness

because I know it would be overcome by the light that shone brightly

to teach the world, forget what happened

yesterday and just like the sun, it’s your time to shine today,


Nikita Baid

[email protected]