What is Antahkaran?

Antahkaran is a Sanskrit word that means the “Inner Conscience”. The word is beautifully woven with the three ultimate truths of human existence; intellect, instinct and ego.

Antahkaran is a student-driven initiative cum platform where different forms of writings intermingle, it’s a brief introduction to the miniature version of the upcoming working environment for the students. It supports professionals in making, by paving the path of creativity and enhancing proficiency levels for future endeavors.

Our Aim

The students at NIMCJ go through vigorous training across the field of Journalism and Mass Communication. Since Antahkaran is made by and for the students, we aim to provide them actual field experience related to research and the hard work that goes in finding a story piece.

Why are we different?

Antahkaran is not just yet another news website. It’s the heart and soul of every person behind the scenes. It is the hard work, intense training and multiple layers of checks and re-checks of every story that gets uploaded on the website.

It is one stage world for every topic under the sun varying across news, literature, poetry, photography and videography.