14th March, 2019:

Friday vibes all around the town, people left from home with hopes
and dreams. Everything was going as planned but he had planned
the day differently for us. He turned this date to the darkest date for
New Zealand.

Newspapers talked about religious riots and chaos happening in and
around the world, but I never really pondered about them. Today
when it all happened in front of me, my mind went through every
visual that all those newspapers talked about. All those conferences,
seminars on peace and harmony seemed failing in front of the gun in
his hand.

Heard people shouting around me, saw people helping and
protecting each other, ran to save my own life but all this wasn’t
enough to make you feel guilty about your deeds and you still didn’t
stop. You had planned your own strategies, sent manifesto to
government officials, went live on Facebook but wished that you saw
the pain in our eyes. How ungrateful you could have been?

You all are seeing the video getting viral, you all are sorry about it it
and feel disheartened about where the country is leading to but I
only have one question why couldn’t the policies of gun acquirement
made a little stronger before? Why couldn’t he be stopped a little
earlier? If all the policies and actions were amended a little earlier, I
could have lived a little more.

The newspapers say the accused is caught hold of but we aren’t able
to figure the reason behind his insanity, I only have one question for
him is religion beyond humanity? Were your grudges higher than all
of our lives?

The last few minutes of my breath witnessed humanity, witnessed
selfless people who tried to save each other’s lives and witnessed
true love and care beyond the colors of religion and caste.
Always knew death is inevitable but never knew would have been in
such a way that videos would tell my family that I am no more.


One among the many victims.

-Nikita Baid