There is a quote that says: A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down but what if you’re diabetic?” 

Could there be any better way to counteract the cheesy lines of films (Hollywood/Bollywood)- ‘LOVE IS SOLUTION TO EVERYTHING’? Let’s just say that love can be sugar to many things (emotional solution!) not to everything. The thing I thought I would never say is I support the great Indian fathers here: ‘pyar se pet nahi bharega’. Also, lets put this into perspective –what if you’re diabetic to love? Like the one writing this. Yes, I belong to ANTI-LOVE SQUAD. To vividly discuss about it or wake your logical senses (if you have any) following can make you rethink about love (read: it should!):

  • I am not being sarcastic about love: I am brutally honest about my concept of love. Again, let’s put this into perspective, how illogical it is I will say that you go on a one-month trip to someplace, sing songs, fall in love and bamm let’s fight with parents for marriage” COME ON DDLJ, BE REALISTIC!
  • Dear Edward,

The reason you can’t read Bella’s mind is that THERE IS NOTHING IN THERE. (A love story it was?)

Sincerely, logic

  • To the people madly in love will be shot and who survive it will be shot again! I respect the gift of life (Amen!)
  • An honest answer can get you into lots of trouble. Perks of being not in love is I can be brutally honest.
  • How can I have an ample amount of time to spend writing poems, planning future with him/her rather than to explore myself? I am an emotional mess already I don’t want more (Relatable?)
  • Alas! I am not capable of keeping track of his birthday or his any dog’s birthday.

Based on above-given proofs I can safely say love is not what some nonsensical films describe. I am on sabbatical from this custom.  I proudly say that my ideology here goes to some reminiscent age of love. Love is the passion for me, that level of passion where trust itself is enough to answer every question, love is enough to resolve every fight, the epitome of understanding that enhances both involved. Can you love ‘someone’ up to that purity that you can do anything for them that makes the both involved happy to the parity? If this passion is lacking then there is no place for love in my life because my love is not blind. I would then rather suggest making that ‘someone’ yourself and do whatever it takes to make you happy and satisfied at the end of the day. Doing this would definitely lessen the major issues in your life. Love is the simplest thing but ‘to love’ is hard. If you have the same passion you desire, then there is no room left to think which rope is worth holding. To achieve contentment is what love is.

P.S.  I am free of all prejudices. I hate and love everyone equally!

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By Veena Yj

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