Aquaman starring Jason Momoa and Amber heard is an action-packed adventure with breathtaking visuals, amazing music, and wonderful scenes. The powerful action scenes and James Wan’s splendid vision of a world underwater makes the film one hell of a ride.

The film reveals the origin story of half-human, half-Atlantean and takes him on the journey of his life, where he discovers his powers and strength. James Momoa as Aquaman lives up to the expectations. With his wicked humor and blazing light green eyes, he is literally looking dashing on screen. Never for once his Khal Drogo’s image in the game of thrones overpowers his character in the film.

The director’s depiction of love angle is far different from what we have been watching till now. The character ‘Mera’ in the film which is played by ‘Amber Heard’ is an Atlantean warrior and not someone who would sit quietly while Aquaman beats their enemies down. She is nearly in every single frame fighting shoulder to shoulder with Aquaman.

A special mention to film’s creative team for breathtaking visuals that makes Atlantis look gorgeous- particularly in battle scenes. The thought of having a war underwater is quite creative and amazingly portrayed. The scene where an octopus is playing the drum kit during the war is humorous. The first sight of Atlantis looks like some sci-fi future wonderland. The other kingdoms also are defined wonderfully.

Music plays an important role in the movie. The music in the film is soothing and goes well with the scenes. The song named ‘Everything I need’ played at the end will give you thrills. It is beautifully written and has amazing vocals. However, there are some visible flaws in the film. The second half is a bit too stretched and could have easily been cut short. There are several puns in the film that not only makes the film unfunny but repetitive as well.

Hence Aquaman is full of ocean wonder which will definitely warm your heart and ultimately fill you with hope.


Shina Utvani