What’s better: Read several books on the topic or subscribe to a couple of blogs and passively read the latest one?  

The best medium for online reading are blogs that are instant and some of them are free of cost. Whereas, the best medium available offline are books. Some of them may be costly but give out particular information.  

A book is a series of pages and is assembled for easy portability and reading. 

The foundation for success in reading. Why do students develop reading habits in their lives? Because it is generally believed that they become successful people in work and life.  

As we know that there are different reading techniques and the students should be aware of which technique is most suited.  

The four main types of reading techniques are:  

  1. Skimming: Skimming is sometimes referred to as gist reading. When the reader tries to glance over the material to grasp the main idea.  

For example, the reader reads the first sentence of every paragraph or studies any pictures, graphs, charts, and maps.  

  1. Scanning: Scanning involves getting your eyes to quickly scuttle across sentences and is used to get just a simple piece of information. In simple terms, scanning allows the reader to locate precise information.  For example:   

A telephone number in the directory A horoscope guide.  

  1. Focused reading: It is a purposeful kind of reading, in which the reader targets a specific area of study. Focused reading includes two sub-skills :  
    1. Extensive reading: For example, a novel you read before going to bed.  
    2. Intensive reading: For example, a laboratory report.  


  1. Detailed reading: When the reader reads something carefully to get accurate information. In detailed reading, the reader reads every word to understand the meaning of the text.   

Some people like to read books and some of them like to read blogs. But they both have their pros and cons, and at the end of the day, it’s all about preference.    


  1. We can read a book for a couple of hours continuously without hurting our eyes.  
  2. Almost all the syllabus is taken from books by universities.  
  3. If any reader wants to read and doesn’t have an internet connection, they can go for books that are best for offline mediums.  


  1. The pages made for books are not eco-friend  
  2. Books can’t get published with less content.  
  3. The process of publishing one book worldwide is long and costly.  
  4. Books are translated and printed in different languages to sell it worldwide.  

While a blog, also known as a weblog is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web.  


  1. Blogs are present with the smallest information.  
  2. Blogs are eco-friendly.  
  3. Readers can participate in conversations about the topic with the author.  
  4. Blogs tend to be sharper.  
  5. It includes more opinion-making and is controversial than books.  
  6. Blogs can be translated into other languages.  


  1. Readers can’t read blogs for a long time as it starts straining their eyes.  
  2. While reading blogs, readers find too many advertisements.  
  3. Sometimes the reader can’t find particular information, so the reader needs to go through multiple blogs. 


As we know, the popularity of blogs is spread worldwide. Online reading is one of the reasons that blogs are popular. People are finding great convenience in reading blogs for the purpose of education or information. Why are people choosing to read blogs over books? Here are some of the reasons: 

  • The first reason is conciseness. Books go as far as a hundred pages or so. While blogs are shorter than that. Most of the blogs are 300-500 words. This conciseness makes it easier for readers to get the information. 
  • The second reason is the speed of consumption. As we know, blogs are short and that’s why they are easy for readers to consume information in a short period of time.  
  • The third reason is convenience. Blogs are more convenient than books. As a variety of blogs are available in one place, carrying a device connected to the internet is like carrying a whole library with you. 
  • The fourth reason is easy access to a variety of information. while going to the bookstore or visiting the library to purchase many books to get more information for a specific subject. We can get countless information for a particular topic by doing minor searches on blogs. 
  • The fifth reason is compact information. Readers like to read summaries, which they always read in the back of paperback books. while in blogs, they are generally direct to the point. 

In the end, are blogs better than books? Many people believe that blogs have more benefits compared to reading books. Books have been proved more reliable but blogs are conventional. But all this depends upon the reader’s choice. The reader knows what is best for reading whether he/she can go offline medium or online medium.