Ariana Grande is back with her fourth album “sweetener”. It is her first album since the 2017 terrorist attack at her Manchester concert. This album of her feels more honest and distinct than any of her past work.

                 The 25-year-old star finally allows herself to take things as they come. The first single of this album ‘No Tears Left To Cry’was a big hit. This soundtrack is for that exact moment when you decide to keep going regardless of any situation. Even the second single ‘God Is A Woman’ proves that grande is back with much more understanding and positivity. In need of some empowerment? This song will give you much of it.

                 The best parts of ‘Sweetner’ is the singer looking for hope and stumbling upon the glow of new love. The song named ‘Pete Davidson’, which is the name of her fiance, where the word “Happy” is repeated 22 times in just over a minute shows how happy she is with her present relationship.

                  The song named ‘Breathin’ (which is my personal favorite) is about days when anxiety makes it seem as if the ‘sky is falling’ and all you need to do is breath. This song is the best thing to listen to when you feel low.

                  There are songs like ‘sweetner’, ‘successful’ and ‘Goodnight n Go’ which have amazing vocals and music. If you do n’t feel any emotional connection to any other song on the album, the song ‘Goodnight n Go’ will get you.

                  The closing track on the album ‘Get Well Soon’, feels like it encompasses everything you’do for your best friend. As the journey of sweetener comes to a close, the singer reminds us that it’s perfectly fine and normal to seek help and companionship.

                   Overall it’s the best album of Ariana till now.

Shina Utavani

[email protected]