We herd cows as Krishna used to herd it and the result is, the best milk on the planet – says Gopal Sutharia owner of Bansi Gaushala who has 400 Gir cows and calves in his cow grazing farm.

Grazing more than 400 cows, Gopal Sutharia who believes in keeping intact the Indian culture with pertinent to the cow grazing says that “We try to herd the cows in the same fashion as Bhagwan Shri Krishna used to do in Vrindavan.”  The Bansi Gaushala (Cow grazing farm) located at the Shantipura Area is said to be the best farm in India for providing milk and rightly so as they have the famous Gir Cows which are very rare in the country and the world. The famous Bansi Gaushala has received the award for the best milk by the state government named the “Kamdhenu award”. They sell the milk at the price of ₹120 per litre whereas Ghee (Clarified butter) at ₹2700 per kg claiming to be the best dairy products in the world. “We believe in the following of our culture which is indeed scientifically proven to be right and effective at all times” said Gopal Sutharia with an interview with the NIMCJ. “We are a family of six and we voraciously consume dairy products with and our blood reports are absolutely healthy” says Gopal Suthariya .

Key points:

  • Bansi Gir Gaushala provides milk at ₹120 per litre and ghee at ₹2700 per kg claiming to be the best dairy products the world.
  • “Gir cows are indeed the best cows in the planet compared to Jersey Cows and bulls.”
  • We believe and follow “Dohan” culture where the first right to consume the milk is provided to the calves and then for the public.
  • “You can be the healthiest person just by consuming the Gir cow milk and ghee regularly.”
  • We call every cow by its names and they provide milk happily.
  • Gaumutra (Cow urine) contains minimum 30 elements for good health.
  • The milk of other big companies contain a mixture of goat and other types of cow’s milk as we provide only pure Gir cow milk.

The Bansi Gaushala feeds its cows sumptuously with the food, “Where the science says that feed the cows according to their quantity of milk, we believe in feeding the cows voraciously and then think about the quantity of the milk, we also strongly believe in the cultural upbringing of the cows as our scriptures have very scientifically and rightly given the perfect methods of raising the cows in an effective manner. We follow the Dohan system of breeding where first right on milk is given to the calves and then to the people for consumption. Now a days people are demeaning our culture in the name of the western culture which is wrong, even today our scriptural injunctions are very much relevant did you know that in the yagya(fire sacrifice) when ghee is poured into the fire it produces an air called propalin which induces good heavy rainfall? And that’s why in earlier times there used to be the so many yagyas. The Gaumutra (cow urine) contains at least 30 elements including nitrogen, sulphur, manganese and other elements which are very beneficial for health.” Says Gopalbhai who emphasizes on cultural upbringing of the cows.


Bansi Gaushala has established in the year 2006, since 12 yrs of its existence, the Gaushala has become India’s top cow grazing farm for milk production supplying milk to Satellite and Bopal areas in Ahmedabad. The Gaushala is spread in 376000 sq. metres which also has a school which they call “Gurukul” where they provide cultural and traditional education with “Sanskrit” as the prominent language, they also teach economics and spiritual knowledge of Indian culture. Gopalbhai says “Now a days in the time of “targets” initially given by the teachers then parents and then the bosses, we believe that everyone should focus on being a human being first and then cover himself with externalism.” The school currently has 50 students studying.  






By Rishank Joshi

[email protected]