It’s a documentary film directed by Ron Fricke released on 24th September 1992. The whole movie is of 1 hour & 37 minutes but then whoever watches this film their time is worth more than anything. The efforts given by each and every person in this film is really appreciative because they have spent more than 4 to 5 years for the perfect visuals and resulting in an outstanding film. It is really something special and one should watch it without any expectation. There’s an epic soundtrack in this movie without any words used. I was really amazed at how can they shot something really amazing with the best time-lapse ever in the year 1992. It’s a collection of slices of humanity and the world that we have designed ourselves. While watching the movie one should perfectly be dedicated and causing no disturbances near them to know how beautifully each and every person have worked to make this film a superhit. There are very few of them who won’t be able to watch this beyond an hour or they may even sleep off. The director’s work has been appreciated and that’s the reason 81% of people love watching this film including myself. It really has one thinking about the world as a whole different culture intertwined in it. Happiness, traditions, nature, wildlife, time, planet, sense of life and everything that makes one understand how magnificent our planet is. I personally like a few scenes in the movie. Firstly, I appreciate how hard it would have been to capture the tribal people and the people worshipping their divine goddess. Secondly, there was a scene of Indonesia where there was a stone wall with a hole in the center from where the seawater flowed in, how difficult it would have been for them. Thirdly, imagine footage of an active volcano with the help of drone which he shoots. This movie is perfect for those who see movies as film making and have some patience in themselves because there is no voices or dubbing used in this film. The movie is about everything surrounded by us. This helps various of them by giving a chance to change their perspective making them curious to travel the world and to chase their dreams and fulfill them. It’s truly a world beyond words. It is really a must watchable film and everyone should watch this film. I would rate this film 10/10. Absolutely mesmerizing!


-Lily Singh