‘Human Notions’ – one such strong entity which defy the saying ‘Change is constant’. With preconceived notions people are so rigid that they don’t want to adapt new things even if it’s for the betterment.  Isn’t the world being condemnatory when we say not to?

Let’s gain some perspective, lets touch an untouched page.



As we see, ‘Feminism’ is the most examined issue in the nation, which is also needed but are we not neglecting someone in the name of pseudo-feminism’? The men who are also going through many problems but not able to speak up because he is not entitled to. Society never wants to hear his sacrifice and compromise as the perception towards man never let them think about their emotions. The perception which says every man is strong to fight for their battle needs to be changed.

When we want men and women to be equally treated everywhere, then why they are being neglected here? Men do have emotions and feelings. They also become weak at a point. They also have many expectations from the beloved ones. They are also pressurized by the social norms.

Just because men are strong enough to hide their emotions, doesn’t mean they are heartless. Just because one of the pages of book is tainted doesn’t mean all pages are. The perception towards men needs to be changed and they should not be taken for granted. They are equally important to the society.

So here, cheers to all men!

By Nirja Jhala