This Wednesday on 1 May, 46th IMP was held on National Institute of Mass Communication and Journalism (NIMCJ), Ahmedabad. Independent Mass Power (IMP) is a platform of the student where they debate and discuss various trending issue. Currently, we all are celebrating the festival of elections. On contemplation of this, the topic we have chosen to debate on was ‘Real issues vs. Unrealistic campaigns’ with the panelists Prathiusha Poduval and N.V. Nath who are a student of NIMCJ stating the positive and negative aspects of the topic respectively. In this debate, we have invited senior journalist and political analyst Shri Jaywant Pandya as a subject expert.

During election, every citizen thinks that what’s in it for me? Before choosing any party to vote. Does these campaign which is design on the election are framed on the real issues which are faced by any common citizen in India. To clear this we discussed on this mechanism, we have discussed on a various issue like Unemployment, Poverty, Low Farmer Income and many more issues like this. The conversation starts with Mr. Jaywant Pandya and Anchor Sagufta Sheikh on how media is exaggerating news because of TRP and how because of this TRP race, somewhere the true picture is hidden somewhere.

The real issues according to the panelist Prathiusha Poduval are Poverty, Unemployment, Secularism, and injustice. She also mentioned that according to the World Bank report there are 18.6 million unemployed in India and it is going to India crease to 18.9 in 2019. The World Bank has Red – flagged us and asked us to 0\create 8.1 million jobs a year, to match the employment with the population.

Whereas the panelist Mr. Nath talked about that the election campaigns which have been taking place are in accordance with the real issues. Like he gave an example about Unemployment and Nation security, the campaigns of BJP or Congress is mentioning these real issues in their campaigns. And the important thing is that the tag lines ‘main bhi chokidaar’ and ‘main bhi berozgaar’ are the symbol and not just a tag line.

When Anchor asked the subject expert about his views on today’s Election campaigns then talked about how the Election campaigns are changed from the time of Smt. Indira Gandhi’s Elections to today where there is media and social media. There is a huge difference between elections took place in history and in today where the people are more aware of the politics and political campaigns, people have become more vigilant than before. According to then, the Election campaigns are taking real issues in their campaigns.