It’s been a week that Super 30 has been in talks and in our nearby theatres. Directed by Vikas Bahl and based on the real-life of Anand Kumar, a renowned mathematician this movie has surely inspired and been a click for Hrithik Roshan. We all loved the story, we all believed that good deeds still happen in the country and it surely gave us an alarming check of how politics can never help us in the development of our country.

The movie is crafted very well and incidents are sequenced well to engross the audience but does it really stand up to our expectations? Does it really talk about everything it should have to create an impact on society? Talking about the film, it surely covered how Anand had a saddening past and couldn’t fulfill his dream. It made us all feel the worse situation that he must have gone through when he didn’t have any finance to run his home. But in my opinion, it should have talked more about what Super 30 is currently, how is it now running, who are the students, just not that one batch but the struggle to teach every batch. Just giving ending statements about his awards and funding do not make the audience believe the hardship he faced till date.

A great idea to narrate the movie with the perspective of one of the students but couldn’t they have ended by giving testimonials of the real students. I know it’s not a tribute to him but it’s very important that stories based on reality actually make the audience believe that something like this happens and the audience just doesn’t watch it for entertainment. 

Super 30 gives us powerful dialogues that are good enough to keep us motivated for the day like Challang Lagao or the talk with the journalist in which he says “ If I die do not publish about me because I don’t want the others who are trying to make this world better feel disheartened.”. The main dialogue Sirf Raja ka beta Nahin Ab wahi jeetega jo hakdar hoga made us all hooked into the feelings that the movie wants to convey.

Some critics believe that the scene where the girl accuses Anand of harassment is actually linked to Vikas Bahl’s connection with Me Too movement. Vikas Bahl has been into controversy but none of us really know the truth. They say it’s hard to unfold the truth and we all can just believe in what is being portrayed. 

The memes that are flowing on the internet about Hrithik Roshan’s dark complexion are just getting people’s attention more. But commendable job by him and the debut role played by Anand’s brother in the movie which has made Super 30 really Super. 

This movie actually makes us all ponder how our education system has turned into a business and we all are pawns and victims of it. There are many Anand who are smart and determined to work for them who really deserve it but half of them fail under financial and social pressure.It’s time to support more Anand and make everyone a part of programmes like Super 30.

-Nikita Baid