IMP (Independent Mass Power) is the seed sowed by the students of NIMCJ that has now grown into this big beautiful banyan tree that has roots spread all over. IMP has grown strong with every episode. We have reached a milestone by completing 50 Episodes. Cheers to this and many more Episodes that are on its way. Congratulations to all the students, faculty, our viewers, supporters and every individual who have connected with us.

On 28 July, 50 th IMP was held on Gujarat Vidyapeeth, Ahmedabad.
Independent Mass Power (IMP) is a platform of student where they debate and discuss on
various trending issue. Started in , we have reached a new milestone today by celebrating the 50 th IMP. It is a moment of pride and honour that we have successfully collaborated with so many people and institutions to discuss on the current issues happening in the world and that affect the society.
Today’s IMP was organized on the topic, “Is Yellow Journalism a reason for the fall of fourth
pillar of democracy.” The subject expert Mr Nayan Dave, and the panelist from NIMCJ
(Prathiusha Poduval and Pooja Bhat) and Gujarat Vidyapeeth college ( Shailesh Baladaniya
and Bhavesh Bariya) had a healthy deiscussion on the topic and gave a proper brief about
what needs to be changed in the media and its reporting style.

From the discussion opening about how media houses exaggerate the stuff and pass on the
information to people like Taimur smiling to aliens in this planet , media houses work more
for business rather than passing factful information to audience. The opposition panelist
contradicted it very strongly saying that news and view are different. We need to stay away
from the social media and forwarded message but rather focus on the right news source.
The Citizenship journalism that is growing rapidly has made us wonder whether growing
independent journalist actually pass rightful information or not. The debate bought in
important points and gave a clear picture of the journalist who really work with proper
dedication and commitment like Ravish Kumar.The discussion ended with a note on how media houses shall work based on code and ethics with proper knowledge and spread factual information which brings development in the nation. Media is a powerful tool that can make or break things so use it for betterment.

If you didnt watch it live then watch it here :