The Senate Hall, Gujarat university hosted a discourse by Shri Kobbi Shoshani, Consul General, Consulate General of Israel, Mumbai on “Ancient Civilization creating combined future”. The lecture showcased the natural alliance between India and Israel.

While addressing the audience, he talked about the history of Israel and how the Jewish state was ruled by the British mandate. He further talked about the ancient civilization of Israel, mentioning the dreadful events during the time of the holocaust, and how humanity was ashamed because of it.

One of the notable memories of his childhood includes the colorful visual of the Egyptian President making peace with Israel. He also mentioned how the Zionist state is younger than the Indian state by 2 years according to the Lunar Calendar which is operative in Israel. Though according to the Sun Calendar used by the International Community, they are only a year younger than India. Israel got independence in the year 1948.

Commenting on the diplomatic relations of Israel with India, he said that prior to 1991 the Indian government didn’t establish relations with the Jewish state as they didn’t want to upset the Arabs then. Without stepping into the political turmoil, he said since the establishment of the new government in 2014, we have had special relations with India.

“We are the right partners to integrate in making the world”, said the consul.

He appreciated the Jal Jeevan mission and Hydrogen power projects in the country. After visiting the Cadila Zydus plant in Ahmedabad, he said, the strength of India lies in the production. The Consul further complimented the Indian Scientists for developing the vaccines at a whopping rate and said both countries have given hope to the world.

The Cooperation between the technologies of Israel and India is such that a small company is making an application for an autonomous Navigation System for the drones and it has already been purchased in Israel. Now, both the parties to the agreement are cooperating on that technology. He said, “This is what I want to see more as a part of our cooperation”.

“The “I” of India and the “I” of Israel is bigger than the 2I (i + i>2i), we together can change and contribute to the rest of the world, In GDP you are number 6th in the world and we stand at 19th. You are at No.6 in production, we are no 6th in innovations”, said Kobbi Shoshani.

The 2017 visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi resulted in the drafting of government resolution 2783 which focused on- Acceleration Programme, Center of Excellence: we have 29 centers of excellence all over India and 3 in Gujarat, Mashav Development, Health Agreement, Bollywood Film, Water agreement in Uttar Pradesh and FTA (Free Trade) meant to enhance the partnership of India and Israel. Though he hoped that Israel will move forward in direction of free trade with India.”

“India contributes 3%to the world production, and soon it will overtake South Korea and Germany, and we need to find out cooperation between us since Israel doesn’t produce much, but we have a talented pool of human resources, technology, but to produce it we require cooperation with India, that’s what we are looking for. “We have the Technology and Market, and you have the production”, we can cooperate”, said the consul.

While concluding the lecture he mentioned-Culture, Tradition and Belief are extremely important to keep yourself and the country on the path of unification. To live together is important, regardless of our political disputes in the country.

He said, “You got to love your country, not because it is your country but because India is an amazing state and it has good industries, young generation, food, and films, etc., but that without tradition, you will not survive”.

After the conclusion of the lecture, Shri Kobbi Shoshani inaugurated the “Gujarat Israel Cultural & Economic Forum” in the presence of Dr. Himanshu Pandya (Vice-Chancellor, Gujarat University), Shri Hemant Shah (President) & Shri Pratik Patwari (Vice President) Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Shri Rajesh Parekh (Trustee) Bharat Shodh Sansthan and Shri R. P. Patel (President) of Vishv Umiya Foundation along with other dignitaries from the world of Business and academia.

The event was organized by Bharat Shodh Shasthan, and Dr. Shirish Kashikar, Director, National Institute of Mass Communication and Journalism (NIMCJ) anchored the program.