Tonight, I must apologise.
I must apologise to objects and people alike,
anything that crossed my path,
as I made my way to the inferno’s wrath…

I ask for the forgiveness of the cradle I lay in;
Every night you welcomed me with open arms.
Unbothered by the rivers of agony and the streams of blood.
You provided me with a home, which I never meant to flood.

I ask for the forgiveness of arms that held me,
picking up the pieces, smiling and ever-friendly;
In return, I did nothing but feed off the strength you lent me.
I pulled all of you apart, when you had only tried to mend me.

I ask for the forgiveness of the heart I own;
The heart I am about to break unwillingly.
Unknowing, I spun you a fairytale laced with false vows,
but I must end it now, for going further isn’t something my soul allows.

Lastly, I ask for the forgiveness of the carrier.
The frame that contained me all this time.
For all the scars you bore and all the tears you had to weep,
I finally leave you behind, an empty vessel for another soul to keep.




BJMC (1 year)