By -Rushi Thekdi

Ahmedabad youth Jay Jani was selected for the Asia Youth
International Model United Nations [AYIMUN], Malaysia 2022. The
conference was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He was selected from
more than 36,000 applications across the globe. Jay was one of the 272
delegates who had participated in the conference.
The unique aspect was that only ten countries were chosen out of 272
delegates to represent their country in the Parade of Nations. Among
them Jay, representing India, wins the best delegate in Parade of
Nation, making all Indians around the world proud.
AYIMUN is an annual conference wherein young leaders from all over
the world sit together in an assembly called Meeting Session and each
of them plays the role as a diplomat, representing the country they are
assigned to.
The theme of the conference was “Addressing the statelessness and
displacement in conflict- affected areas.”
Looking at the current situation, it might be the first time that China,
America, and Russia work together to find a solution. Representing
Norway, Jay had proposed a resolution which was accompanied by
America, Russia, Northern Ireland & Tazakistan. The majority of votes
were cast in favour of this resolution.
The resolution urges nations to advance while putting an emphasis on
the 1961 Convention on Refugees, international unity among nations,
legal variations among nations, and the decline in the number of
refugees. A resolution was put up regarding it. Jay played a crucial role
in this resolution.
Jay said, “I am proud Indian and to represent my country and my
people is a honour & privilege to me and keep doing such endeavours
in future. I am so grateful to my father Dr. Shankar.N.Jani who is my

backbone and idol.”