Author: Shivika Yadav

What’s wrong with Kohli?

  WHAT’S WRONG WITH KOHLI? By – Dhairyan Upadhyay It has been more than 14 years of enjoying kohli’s aggression. However, currently his batting is facing the longest for any champion batter without scoring a ton i.e. 1000...

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Dead Men Tell Tales

Surrounded by silence. All the words of grief, all mournful cries, were lost on him. For the dead do not listen. The bright sun would no longer disturb his sleep. with a blanket of darkness now draped over him, all he knows is...

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Final Rites

            Tonight, I must apologise. I must apologise to objects and people alike, anything that crossed my path, as I made my way to the inferno’s wrath… I ask for the forgiveness of the...

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