• PLANK: Plank is the similar position to push-up for the maximum possible time. It’s a front holder. Take the position as you would take in the push-up, lie face down with forearms on the floor and hands clasped. Keep your legs straight back there with keeping your back straight. Balance your body on toe and forearms. Hold your position for minimum 1 min.
  • EFFECTS- erector spine, gluteus Maximus, transverse-abdominis.
  • Because planks take maximum strength to hold the position. It helps for abs, back and core conditioning.


  • Lunges: Lunges make the unbelievable changes in your body. It’s the best exercise for your legs. But a lot of people do it incorrectly, let’s see how you can make your lunges perfect. If you have dumbbells, stand with holding two dumbbells in your hands. Step forward with your right leg. [Make sure when you put your step forward your knee must almost touch the ground] while keeping the torso upright and maintaining balance, remember when you are going back to the standing situation your movement should be smooth don’t give it jerk. Repeat this with the left leg and stop on the count 15th.


  • Push-ups: Starting position – kneel on an exercise mat or floor and bring your feet together behind you. Slowly bend forward to place your hands flat on the floor, it should be in the distance as shoulder space. Keep your neck straight. Now smoothly and slowly shift your body weight forward [until your shoulders are positioned directly over your hands]. Now slowly get up from a chest and repeat push-ups for 60 sec.
  • Trick 2 – If you can’t do it with the toe and hands, keep your knees on the ground and then do it. Keep your body weight forward and up as normal pushups [This is for the people who can’t do it with the knees up].


  • Bridge exercise: This is a backbend exercise. A core strengthener and a balance pose.  It requires moving your hips upwards. 1.Lie down on the yoga mat for this workout. Otherwise, you might hurt yourself on the rough surface. 2. Bend your knees similar distance and close to your buttocks as possible, now slowly lift your hips upwards and come back to the starting position [For more impact you can also keep some weight plate on your stomach according to your capacity] and do this exercise.
  • Effects: It engages your abs but offers even more advantages to your butt, lower back.This        builds your muscles, also increases your flexibility.


  • Mountain climber: Mountain climber are callisthenic workout which is a very challenging exercise for your balance. It requires you to engage your upper arms muscles, your core and legs. [ It’s the best workout to lose weight & stubborn fat]. Take the plank position make sure your hands are underneath your shoulders. the feet are hip-width apart and your toes are curled under. Now lift your right leg with a jump near to your chest. Go back with a jump, now move forward your left leg with a jump. Your knee should be close to your chest while you jump. And now repeat this exercise with a smooth jump. And feel that you are climbing a mountain.


Do’s and Dont’s :

  • Remember one thing, it doesn’t matter how many counts you do for each exercise.
  • Ex: If you are doing 100 crunches and it still doesn’t give you results you are not doing the exercise correctly. Even if you will count 15 for each exercise & you will do it correctly then it will surely give you results.
  • So, put your 100% in each count, only and only then you will get your results. Do your exercise correctly with all your power & sweat.


By Megha Pandya

[email protected]