“We meet. We meet once every month. I am so glad that we do and you choose to stay for 4-5 days. I miss you when you don’t come, and when you are late, I feel dinosaurs jumping up and down in my stomach. And when you finally come, you manage to get on all my trillion nerves. Why? Why is it that you bring me so much pain?
It is only when you come, I have this craving for all sorts of food, JK, I eat anything, anytime, but when you come, I cannot stop myself. It’s difficult, you know? You are every girls’ dream and I am thankful to you. You make my existence as a girl meaningful. Why do you bring me so much pain? Inspite of everything, I love you and hope you leave soon and come back next month, love. Don’t you make me hate you this time, okay?”
She thought to herself as she checked the date in the calendar and put a pad in her bag. 🙂
-Prathiusha Poduval