Monday, March 8, 2021


SECTION 375- Consent or Imposition?

Hiral – She was not expecting to be raped. Saluja- This case is a classic example of the women using rape as a weapon of the very law which has been made to protect her. Hiral: Defence council ke paas kahaniya toh bahot sare hai par evidence ke naam par kuch bhi nahi Saluja – Convicted rapists’ ka bhi constitutional right hai...

Micro Fiction

  -Hardik Gajjar  

Migration – A serious Problem

.   -Lt Col Rakesh Chander

NIMCJ Welcomes Lord Ganesha

With loud voices over the corridor cheering " Morya rey Bappa Morya rey", the students of National Institute of Mass Communication and Journalism welcome Ganesha in their own swag. Reporter Ganesha landed at his destination and we pray that his blessings are always showered upon all the students and members associated with the institute. Ganesh Chaturthi is the most awaited...


While it is a great feeling to be in love, it is also a nice feeling to love someone. You might not have a precise answer as to what made you fall for that person or when exactly did you fall for them, but you must have felt this surreal feeling of being in love with someone at least...


  -Vidhi Shukla

Celebrating Photographs

  A day that celebrates the art, science, culture, and history of photography is the day to celebrate the colorful albums that still make us laugh and cherish moments even today. Photographs have been there from times we don't even remember. They connect us to our past, they depict our good days and they tell us about all the moments...

We are the NIMCJians

We are the communicators We are the Nimcjians   Creating, Crafting and Nurturing the Oxygen of Democracy Developing the journalists for making free society   We are the communicators We are the NIMCJians   Timeliness, Proximity, Possibility, Prominence, Oddity and impact through which we learn and evolve news Hard and soft news always excites the news insights and by that way We are the communicators We are the Nimcjians   Objectivity, fairness that...


 - Aziz Cutleriwala

Short Poem

Unrealistically real sunset. I believe there's a parallel world, Where you and I are together, Keeping all the promises made, Living all the dreams, once dreamt, Taking pups on walks, Nachos and doritos and unnecessary talks, And that's a beautiful world, our world, Away from all these chaos, Amidst all the these, There's paradoxically beautiful us. -Prathiusha Podiuval