Monday, April 12, 2021


Celebrating Photographs

  A day that celebrates the art, science, culture, and history of photography is the day to celebrate the colorful albums that still make us laugh and cherish moments even today. Photographs have been there from times we don't even remember. They connect us to our past, they depict our good days and they tell us about all the moments...


  Pooja Bhatt [email protected]

Camouflaged Perception- Shweta Thawani

We called her silent and declared her at peace. As the clock shifted to a quiet oscillation from the chirping tick tocks, Screeching horns vanished off the streets, Blasphemy couldn't be heard - of course not of birds but humans naturally. The trade seemed gave the impression of being still- how treacherous! In tranquility, she knew the trade never stops. The smell from the...


By Pooja Bhatt [email protected]