Monday, April 12, 2021

Short stories

Management Wisdom through Parables

Book Review: Management Wisdom Through Parables About The Author : Prashanth Pareek is an Accredited Management Teacher by AIMA, New Delhi. He has published more than fifteen research papers / Case studies with Nationals and International journals pertaining to his area. He is a proud author of four books titled Cluster Development: A research Journey of Taking Foundry to Diary, Positive...

Love Burnt To Ashes

We saw our love burn down to ashes. I clearly remember it was a night of the full moon. We were at the beachside having one last vacation together. I was wearing a short white Scallop Trim Open Knit Cover Up dress. I could feel the breeze fizzling in my messy hair. As I walked barefoot on the sand I heard him calling...

A ride of our emotions

“Be happy and the reasons will follow.” “Do only what makes you happy.”                                                                                                                      A single search on Google “Be happy quotes” and we will be bombarded with hundreds of naive and unrealistic quotes which I personally believe are Secrets of Depression and Exhaustion. Now before I write down anything else, let me clear a few things :   First: I am not at...

Short Story

  -Hardik Gajjar

Breaking the stereotypes

  "We meet. We meet once every month. I am so glad that we do and you choose to stay for 4-5 days. I miss you when you don't come, and when you are late, I feel dinosaurs jumping up and down in my stomach. And when you finally come, you manage to get on all my trillion nerves. Why?...

Micro Fiction

Hardik Gajjar

A nano story by Prathiusha Poduval

Prathiusha Poduval  

An Audio story by Rikita Sonpal Rikita Sonpal    

Nano story by Pratiusha Poduval

Pratiusha Poduval