Saturday, May 25, 2019


Photo Gallery

-Nirav Joshi

From the land of Manali

  -Kaushal Upadhyay

Creative Gallery

Made from Blender software, these creative graphics are a result of creativity and imagination. -Rohan Lele

A tour of the city around you

  -Aroon Kumar


-Rutvij Vyas

Yet Another Day

  Yet another day. Everything seems good, but is it? There's a mask of happiness everyone wears, Beneath is the face, that fears if it would be happy again, Where is happiness? It has become a matter of important concern these days. For a person like me, I would prefer to leave every thing, every person behind and just go on, Keep on moving , never stop, I don't...

Portrait Photography

  -Nirav Joshi


-Rishitha Jani



The People you see everyday

Nirav Joshi