Monday, April 12, 2021


Photos by Kaushal Upadhyay

  Captured by Kaushal Upadhyay [email protected]      

Capturing Moments

    -Mojidra Umang


-Rutvij Vyas

Creative Gallery

Made from Blender software, these creative graphics are a result of creativity and imagination. -Rohan Lele

Unexpected call- a short audio story Rikita Sonpal [email protected]

Talented tabla player Vishal Vaghela   Vishal Vaghela


Beautiful Symbolism of Ardhnarinareshwar   -Painting by Bhavya Pankaj Jhala [email protected]

The Blossom

  -Prathiusha Poduval

Liberate Soul

Liberate your soul through the medium of art. -Bhavya Pankaj Jhala