Wednesday, March 20, 2019


Through the lens of Akash vasava

Akash Vasava

Christmas across the city

  Christmas was here and the city was filled with joy! Lights around and Santa sharing its bundle of rejoicing, we all had a splendid time! Capturing some of the joyous moments and presenting it before you.

Through the lens of Ali Asgar

Dhekale: Beautiful Place than Strange Name Dhekale Dam (Wandri Dam) is an earth fill dam on Wandri River near Palghar, Thane district in the state of Maharashtra in India. The Dhekale Dam is located in Saphala, a train station that falls in between Virar-Palghar route. We Traveled To This Place From Virar. Due to Rainy Season Beauty of the...

Through the lens of Hiral Mehta

Hiral Mehta

Through the lens of Madhu Singh

Madhu Singh

Through the lens of Jaya Gupta

Jaya Gupta

Through the lens of Nirav Joshi

Nirav Joshi  

Through the lens of Hiral Mehta

Hiral Mehta