A day that celebrates the art, science, culture, and history of photography is the day to celebrate the colorful albums that still make us laugh and cherish moments even today. Photographs have been there from times we don’t even remember. They connect us to our past, they depict our good days and they tell us about all the moments we have forgotten. It’s a magic that takes us to a lane of emotions.

But as time passed, as technology developed and as new cameras are in the market the real essence of photography has been lost. Editing Softwares have made everyone play with photographs so much that real pictures are undervalued. Everybody clicks selfies around and thinks they can own a photography page but the truth is capturing a photograph is much more than all of these. Its an art to be mastered and science to be learned.

We all need to learn to respect photographs and photographers because trust me it’s not easy to hold that camera and frame something so that the audience also understands your perspective. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and to create that picture it takes hundreds of techniques and shots. 

We all have our galleries filled with pictures and every picture has a new story to tell. Some take us to or good days and some remind us of our bad days but every photograph holds a value. Let’s make this day more special by uploading our perfect photograph from our gallery and wish each other Happy World Photography Day.


-Nikita Baid