Dear Dream Girl,

It’s been two days of uncertain rains. There is water all over the city the enjoyment of festival Navratri has been spoiled due to it. People are sad as they are not able to celebrate their favorite festival for which they wait for a whole year, but you know what dream girl I personally love rains. The weather gets so soothing and pleasant, there is something different about the atmosphere during these days. Also, it has been days since I was waiting to tell you about what exactly happened that day.

So, as you know I saw Dad in the staff room that day and he was talking to Ms. Sharma. I was nervous as usual. Seeing my Dad, I anticipated all the scenarios which could possibly ruin my dream of becoming a writer. I was trying hard to listen to the talks between them but failed miserably. Suddenly, I heard the footsteps coming outside the staff room. I tried hiding besides the room. I saw dad and Ms. Sharma arguing. Ms. Sharma was saying to Dad “Mr. Mehta, I hope you are taking a right decision because your daughter can really be a good writer one day. All she needs is a start”

“I know what’s good and bad for my daughter, it would be better for her to focus on her studies rather than wasting all her time in this stupid literature work.” he said getting furious.

It felt like all my dreams were being crushed, a giant roller coaster is moving over my dreams and trying to crush it all.  Tears continued to flow and sobs wracked my body, robbing my ability to speak. As I saw him leaving I wiped my tears, went straight to the class and waited for the school to get over so that I can tell everything to Priyali. I kept controlling my tears in the class and concentrate in the lectures, but my heart kept screaming inside. Priyali was too smart to sense that there was something wrong.

The clock struck 14:00 and it was time to go home but not for us. We both went to the same place. We sat and talked everything out. My tears continued to flow as I told her about everything. I tried hard to suppress my sobs and she helped me to let all out my pain.

After quietly listening to everything she said, “I think you should still continue with your idea Nandini. You have talent and don’t waste it without even giving a try. You should definitely write the article anonymously. Just write and keep it on the desk of Ms. Sharma”. She said it optimistically without even giving a second thought.

“I am always here for your help Nandini, all you need to do is just trust yourself and start writing for your first article. Don’t fear the knowns and unknowns just do what you are best at and you will surely succeed in it.”

I felt so much strength after talking to her dream girl. I felt that I wouldn’t have possibly got such an amazing friend. I came back home, gave a thought on what all she said. I tried talking to mom about it but I stopped myself from sharing it to her thinking that she might not let me do this and would also tell dad about it. I spent my days thinking about all this.

Next morning, I got ready for my school. I reached school and after assembly I was told to wait outside the auditorium by Ms. Sharma. I was pretty sure that she wanted to tell me that I could no longer write an article for our in-house newsletter. But, before she could barely say anything I told her that I was sorry because I heard the conversation she had with my father during the recess. Her face turned pale and she couldn’t say anything except that she felt bad for me and sorry that she couldn’t help me in this.

Dream girl you know sometimes unsaid words, emotions gives immense strength for doing something. Listening to Ms. Sharma gave me a hint of what she aspires as a mentor for me. I felt obligated. And as a rainbow flashes in the cloudy day- a spark ignited in me. I took the decision with the immense courage to do what I do the best…


Bhavisha Makhijani

[email protected]