Dear Dream Girl,

The last few days have been demanding therefore had no time writing to you. We had our first term exams and I had to work hard on it. I felt a hangover with each passing exam. I tried hard but failed miserably. I hope to get better result and to make my parents proud. I know you have been curious about what I did about my writing. Yes, I did write something for the newsletter and I wanted to share what verbatim with you.

So, Dream Girl after a lot of thinking I decided to write with questionable thoughts what to write? Something that has never written before? I wanted to write about abstract realistic writings. I know dream girl you are thinking I am having an illusion of an influential writer. But, I say why not? Why shouldn’t I write thinking myself as an influential person? At least, by that I will be able to write something good, which people might really like. So, I thought of writing about ‘Ways of Life’.

We all have a turning point in life. Many of us don’t take it with a good attitude and some do fail as I did in the beginning. So, it’s really important to make people aware that something better is waiting for them.

It has been more than three months to my new school. I enjoy going as I have accepted the new change in my life- so do people need to. So, with my first article I wanted people to accept changes with open arms.

Before my exams, a week ago, I wrote my article, went to Priyali and read it in front of her. She was confident as always and said “I always knew you have it girl. It’s amazing! I am happy that you at least didn’t give up. I am sure this is going to create a lot of questions in everyone’s mind and everyone would be eager to know the anonymous writer”.

There, all I was worried about was- ‘Will an anonymous writer’s article be accepted? If yes, will it get published? So without a delay before all the gates could get closed, we went without making a slightest noise towards the staff room. Empty corridors made noise of our shoes but we successfully made through it. We had slide the copy under the staff room door and left the school before anyone could have slightest sling about it.

Dream girl, today was the D-Day probably for which we were waiting for. The latest edition was going to come out today. Priyali and I couldn’t wait for the newsletters to be distributed. Prayers chanting, heartbeats pumping and brains clueless as all my eyes wanted to see was my article being published. Before we could get the newsletter in hand a voice came from the back bencher of our class, “Hey guys, I got really nice stuff in this edition of newsletter. I think you all should listen to it, let me read it for all till everyone gets there copy.

My mind was not at all focusing on it and I waited for my copy Just then I heard him saying ‘Ways of Life’. I could not believe my ears. I thought I heard something wrong; so I stood up and snatched the newspaper from his hand to see it.

Dream girl, trust me I could not believe what eyes were reading…So, for you too I’ll read…

Life is unpredictable not a single day can be spent as you wish to. You will always find some new challenges in your day to day life and that new challenges can be a turning point of your life..!!

Everything in life comes as a situation, when you have no idea of what to do, where to go, what should be done to solve it many questions pop up in the mind some people might like to speak about it, some might just keep it in the heart and won’t let others come to know about it also and this might also be their turning point in life..!!

 Always accept the changes in your life, do not fear the changes we would not know where it would take us in life and how much problems we might face in it. But, in the end, it will lead us to success…A very popular quote says “Follow your heart but take your brain with you” you would get many obstacles in it your way, a lot many people won’t even support you in it, but do not forget there will also be some people who would be with you by your side supporting you in life making you believe in yourself and making you believe that there remains hope..!!

So always be confident in choosing and accepting your way whichever it is, even if it is not as same as you wished it to be, it might take you on a roller coaster ride in your life. Life will be as awesome as you can live it, be as happier as you can and let the turning point of your life be the best way of your life..!!


By Bhavisha Makhijani

[email protected]