Dear Dream Girl,

From my first anonymous article and making people more curious with two more, its Diwali break for us now. The whole city is lit up with lamps. Children to elders – everyone is always excited for it. From delicious sweets to firecrackers, people are enjoying to the fullest. We had organized a Diwali dinner at our place. Priyali and my families decided to celebrate it together.

But dream girl this was just not enough for Diwali. Before the Diwali break Priyali and I had decided that we are going to tell mom and dad about my anonymous writing. I know what you are thinking – ‘Am I mad or what?’ Why to take this risk? Yes, you may be right dream girl, but what if they got to know any other way? I don’t want to make them feel betrayed. So, I decided to tell them about it tonight.

Now you surely would be thinking that did I seriously tell them? Oh yes, of course I did. After we had the delicious dinner made by mom, Priyali as always was trying to give me support so that I could start talking. She even tried initiating the topic of writing, but I wasn’t able to say. So, Priyali took out the school’s in-house newsletter from her bag. She brought it because she knew I will be unable to speak anything. She just handed over the copies to my Dad and asked him to read the article written by me.

My face turned pale and I could not speak much. I had a brooding look.

Priyali said: “So uncle, what do you feel about this article? Aren’t the writers thoughts amazing? Don’t you feel that the writer shouldn’t be anonymous? You know what uncle; whole school is talking about this writer these days. And many in fact, try saying that they are the one who have written this. What do you feel isn’t it unfair to the writer behind this??

“Oh yes, definitely” said dad in an appealing voice. “Taking the credit of someone’s work is truly unfair. This amazing writer should not keep his/her identity hidden. Or else, people would take an undue advantage of it. And reading this article, I don’t think the writer should fear someone. The work is absolutely wonderful. At this age if one could write this well surely he/she would be a great writer for the world one day.”

Our ears were not believing the words dad said. I felt that those were the exact words I was waiting to hear since months. I developed courage within myself to say. That’s when Priyali-my bomber spoke out “So, listening to your thoughts on this I think you should would also be curious to know who she is?

“Of course, I am, do you know her? He asked being curious about it.

And before she could say one more word I said “I am the one”

The inquisitive eyes all of a sudden changed into a beatific one. Priyali’s mom and dad were really proud of me and they congratulated me for it. But I was waiting for my dad to say something.

Mr. Singh shook hands with my dad and said, “Mr. Mehta you daughter is just an amazing writer, within three articles she has made herself famous. But, beta I think you should not be writing with a hidden identity anymore what say Mr. Mehta?”

“Yes of course” he said it in a very low voice. Mom gave a doleful look to me. Priyali too understood the situation.

So, she said “I think it’s too late now we should go home and also let them also take rest”

“Yes Priyali, it’s really too late now. Mr. Mehta thank you for such an amazing hospitality we’ll be looking forward to meet again and surely this time at our place. And you dear Nandini keep writing this way, let people know about your talent.” Mr. singh said

The families bid a goodbye to each other.

As soon as they left I didn’t lose a chance of apologizing to dad and so I stopped dad.

 I said, “I am sorry dad, I know you didn’t want me to write and focus on my studies. You thought that literature isn’t just my thing and I should not involve in all this work of writing. I saw you when you came to meet Ms. Sharma in the school and had heard your words. I wanted to write and wanted you both to know, but always feared telling you. Today with this auspicious festival of Diwali I wanted to tell you everything and let all my fear go away. Dad I want to write. This is what I am made for, please understand.”

Dream girl I had gathered a lot of courage to say all this to him. I had developed a feeling that he’ll understand but at the same time I was scared of his reaction…

I am sleepy now…Bye…