Music is our true soulmate. It is the superpower that shuts the whole world out with sounds from heaven and lyrics from the heart. We go through many emotions in a day and if we listen to a song with similar emotions we connect and rejoice.

                   There are amazing musicians in India which compose top class music completely different from Bollywood style. This space is small but creative and most importantly extremely relatable. ‘Prateek kuhad’ is one among them. The Delhi based songwriter has created a distinct space for himself in the independent pop scene. Kuhad’s music is soulful, his words are poetic and his voice is dreamy.

                   Prateek Kuhad’s latest  EP(extended play)  ‘cold/mess’ is a surprise package of love and emotions with unbelievable music. The lyrics express his emotions and expressions. The record includes songs that are soothing and catchy. The songs in the record will take you to some fantasy world where you will feel complete.

                    The EP begins with the song ‘with you/for you’. It has rhythmic music and soulful lyrics. The song has got that easy listening vibe, that you would play on a road trip as you gaze out of the window. In the second track ‘did you/fall apart’ the singer talks about falling apart from the one you love. You will feel the pain in the singer’s voice.

                     The third track is the title track ‘cold/mess’. In this song, the singer is being his self. The track sounds peaceful and the singer makes you believe that he is in love and a mess with the lyrics creates that distortion. The pain only becomes stronger as the song progresses. The line in the song   ‘I wish I could leave you my love but my heart is a mess’  will give you thrills.

                 The song ‘for your time’ comes as a pleasant relief after the first three sad and heavy songs. It has a different kind of music. The song ‘fighter’ is for a time when you look for the light of hope to step out from the darkness.

                  The closing track ‘100 words’ talks about how the singer keeps on writing songs over and over as he gets older, trying to get closer to his love. This is a very harmonious track, hence a very satisfying end to a brilliant set of songs.

                  With only six songs Prateek Kuhad has tried his best to make this record relatable and poetic. I hope he has many such records left for us!

By Shina Utvani

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