Raaj Shaandiliya first directorial debut ” Dream Girl ” starring Aayushmann Khurrana and Nusrat Bharucha is a perfectly timed comical movie which holds the audience attention. The movie starts with a perfect set of Mahabharat in a small town which gives us a depiction of the story that is going to follow up. With satirical references and metaphorical situations in the movie, it made sure to keep the audience in the hook.

The actor Aayushman Khuranna who has been known for playing versatile roles in his last scripts has again shown his excellence in this movie by playing the role of a character who is living a double phased life. With a lover on one side and on the other side playing the character who has to work in a call center as Pooja to pay off his debts. The character Pooja is the center of attraction who brings the humor in the movie with its fabulous voice modulation and sexual interaction.

Things go awry when his sensual voice impresses his clientele so much that some express their desire to meet or marry her. This includes his fiance’s brother (Abhishek Banerjee), a poet-cop (Vijay Raaz) with marital issues, a young Haryanvi lad and a man-hater journalist (Nidhi Bisht). The first half of the movie makes you realize how comedy can really make your day. With typical Bollywood songs to seeing a boy falling for a boy disguised in a girl to a girl finding a best friend in this person.

The movie has a simple screenplay but the way it has been picturized and edited made us all wonder how simple stories also can make us go Aww about it. In this simple screenplay, they were a lot of between the line happenings that we all need to focus on.

The movie shows us how people are lonely and always wait for someone to give us attention. That’s why they get attracted towards this fake friendship calls which nothing but breaks the heart and then run onto social media posting pictures that do not even depict the reality.

The end of the movie also says with the same message that how we shall all come out of this fantasy world and start finding someone in real to fill the empty spaces. It tells how a person has to for his earnings do something that doesn’t give him personal satisfaction. He has to compromise and live in guilt with his personal live affair due to the work pressure.

The movie has been beautifully visualized and told but the director could have ended it a little better. The force and energy with which the movie starts start losing its essence until the movie reaches the end. The end looks like it has been hurried and does not have a powerful impact.

But its a movie worth watching and laughing.

– Nikita Baid