Ahmedabad: – With less than a week remaining for Raksha Bandhan, new variations in rakhi have hit the market. Rakshabandhan a festival i.e. celebrated in all corners of India. On this day sister’s tie rakhi on her brother’s wrist in return to which he promises to protect her for a lifetime.

For years people go and buy rakhis from the market but, since last few years, E-commerce happens to be the new trendsetter. The digital shift in the society has led to increasing online business, in effect to which personalized rakhis have become the new style for the customers. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram have widened the horizon for online business carriers. Today, sisters prefer to buy trendy rakhis more and the ones which are unique in nature. The manufacturers take this into account and promote their products. Past trends of expensive silver and gold rakhis have now been replaced with trendy Name bracelet rakhis.

Different styles such as QR Scan code rakhis, a new and latest innovation made through which brothers will get rakhi greetings from their sister’s just by scanning it on their devices. Also with this, watch style rakhis, Photo rakhis, Nameplated rakhis are the new players in the market. It ranges from simple photo rakhis of  Rs 20/- to metal rakhis up to Rs 400/-   The latest vogue has prominently turned out be beneficial to buyers, while it has affected present sellers in the city. Due to consumers higher dependency on home delivery, the street vendors and retail businesses are facing losses.

Talking to one such seller Riya Thadani owner of Crazy Crafts(online business), about the concept of online selling she quoted that “People today do not want to go out to crowdy places for buying things. I have changed the perception of many women across the country for buying rakhis online by winning their trust & confidence. Variety with quality, low price rates, on time delivery & seamless customer’s buying experience has taken my online business to a whole new level”. On the other end the talking to the online buyers they said that “We feel satisfied with the online shopping, it saves much time, and we can get it to courier in any corner of the world. Also, the packaging is an additional benefit of buying online rakhis. The quality is maintained and also the timely delivery makes it easier for us.

The new innovation has surely been like by people but, with the changing scenario, it would be interesting to see to how long it sustains in the market.


By Bhavisha Makhijani

[email protected]