Are we all not fed up with our lives where everyone is preaching us to be BEST, 10 best ways to keep your closet clean, room or your life clean? In the age of social media, we need to voice our opinion no matter how irrelevant it might be, but what about freedom of expression, duh?

So, I thought I would devise my right given to me under the constitution dated back to 1960, I will voice my irrelevant opinion to make some lives better. I know people out there in the world are struggling to spend (cough: waste) their money(hard-earned) mostly. So, I thought to step-up and help people out as I am a pro at wasting my money on important (cough*2: useless) things.

  • Go on END OF SEASON SALE even after knowing it is a scam. 
  • Do impulsive online shopping of clothes/pajamas that do not fit or are needed by you. This pajama business is being taken too seriously these days. Back were the days when people used to wear their old clothes and wait for them to pass the ‘pocha’ stage to throw it away. Yes! Those were the real deal of pajamas.
  • . Too much pressure to handle!
  • Add more PAYTM money and forget your spending limit of the month was just a couple of bucks.

This is awarded the most efficient way for people who have multiple accounts or even a single account. Keep on adding money, get home-delivered your food and by the end of month realize no enough account balance for PAYTM balance *sigh*. You can manage with aloo- in every vegetable, you know.


  • Get into social pressure of attending the MIGHTY STARBUCKS, soon to be opened in Ahmedabad, to be the first one to post a picture where your name is spelled wrong, some coffee you didn’t even understand and where everyone knows what STARBUCKS looks like. Such a waste!


  • Subscribe to all the digital media platforms to binge-watch every show that exists on this planet, show off how cool you are and maybe realize all that thousands of bucks could have restrained you from calling Maggie – the food for weeks.

Rest assured all the suggested ways have been tested by the author and results are outstanding. Many more ways are yet to be explored, but for the time being, I have helped people to waste at least thousands of bucks. One battle at a time.

P.S. The content offending is to be blamed on the institute of sarcasm. Does not belong to the author, maybe.

-Veena YJ