Eid-ul-fitr, a day in a year when everyone celebrates it with great joy and happiness. Eid comes after spending a month of Ramzan spending time doing ‘Ibaadat’ of Allah. During Ramzan, Muslims fast from dawn to sunset. It is also believed that in this holy month, Quran, the Holy book, was revealed to mankind through Prophet (SAW) Muhammad. It is the most important and the most loved festival celebrated by the followers of Islam. There is no exact date for the festival as Eid is dependent on the combination of the sighting of the new moon and astronomical calculations. The time when the Eid starts also depends on where you are in the world and when the new moon will be visible.
Eid-ul-Fitr means ‘festival of breaking the fast’ and it marks the end of the fasting month of Ramzan. Traditionally, Eid was celebrated for three continues days and is an official holiday in the countries having a majority Muslim population.
In India, the Indian Muslims also celebrate Eid with immense joy and happiness. We have an official public holiday to celebrate Eid with family and friends. What I recall from my childhood memories about the days when Eid came, I remember my mother used to bring ingredients to make sevaiyaa, kheer, and many other sweet dishes on Eid. A day before Eid, I used to put mehndi on my hands and show it to my friends and compare whose mehndi design was the best. We used to wear colorful dresses, today as well, with matching footwear and bangles. Those are the days I will always cherish.
On the day of Eid waking early in the morning and after having some kheer offering the Eid-ul-Fitr prayer comes. All Muslims gather together at the mosque, dargah or at home to offer Eid namaz, after that, they all hug each other and wish each other ‘Eid Mubarak’ which means ‘have a blessed Eid’. The celebration is the perfect opportunity for the Muslims to thank Allah for helping them get through the month-long fasting during Ramzan. It is also the time when Muslims pledge their gratitude to Allah by donating money ‘zakat’ to the needy ones or to the charity and doing philanthropic work.

Hope the coming years of life brings lots of joy, happiness, and peace in our life. May Allah bless each and every one of us and shower his blessings upon us. Ameen.

-Sagufta Sheikh

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