“The Ballot is stronger than the Bullet”  – Abraham Lincoln


You, as a citizen of the country, will be considered as a ‘Responsible citizen’ when you will carry out your duties well. Election is the time when your duty calls you to cast vote,  choose a leader for your country,  to vote for a leader who will take your country to the newer heights of development is your responsibility and duty.

Do you ever wonder why the politicians of our country during Elections carry out huge rallies? It is because they want to reach maximum people so that every citizen or the Eligible voters cast their precious Vote. Through the rallies the politicians make everyone realize the importance of ‘ek vote ki kimat’.

Do not wait for a change, Vote for it!

Let us get back to the Itihaas of our first General Elections of Independent India in 1951 – 52. Our Constitution came into effect on 26th January 1950, it took 2 years 11 months and 18 days to make the document called ‘Constitution of India’. It gives us  cold shiver when we read the line ‘We the people of India…’, and when it talks about Sovereignty, Socialist, Democratic, Republic, Liberty, Justice, Equality and Freedom. The makers of Constitution did commendable research to build the Constitution and the important fact about the first general election is that unlike the Elections of other countries, India set an example of Equality by conducting Elections free and fair to every individual, and without making any kind of discrimination amongst citizens.

Do you know who is Shyam Saran Negi?

He is the first voter of the 1951-52 Elections of India. The Nation’s first Election since the end of the British Raj in 1947. It will give  sheer joy when you will know that Negi is alive, and he is 101 years old. Negi cast his first vote on October 25 1951. You will be amazed to know that he has voted in every General Elections since 1951 and he is believed to be India’s oldest voter as well as first. In 2010, the then Chief Election Commissioner of India H’ble Navin Chawla visited Negi’s village to honor him as part of the ECI ‘s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations.

In seventy years of India’s Independence, our leaders who are leading the country from the forefront, at the center, have made many useful changes to conduct free and fair Elections in the country. From Ballot papers to EVMs (Electronic Voting Machine), to VVPATs (Voters Verifiable paper Audit trail). Also, Voters have become more vigilant than before.

Talking about the General Elections of 2019, India is all set to conduct it’s 17th Lok Sabha election to choose the next Prime Minister of the country. The entire world is keeping an eye on India to see how the world’s largest Democracy will conduct the World’s largest election of all time. The Elections are going to be as gigantic as the population of India and hence, it is really important for the voters who are eligible to cast their vote in this Election of 2019.

The duty call is on its way, it’s time to choose a leader not just for our country but also for ourselves. It’s time to ink our finger and show the importance of our ‘Ek vote ki kimat’. It’s time to be the ‘responsible citizen’ of the nation. Let’s rise for a bigger, better and incredible India. Let’s vote to make a change and be the change for our own BHARAT!


-Sagufta Sheikh