Price:Paper back -100 Rs.                                                                                                  Author: NARENDRA MODI
E-book – 70 Rs.

Festivals bring out the best in us. Exams too are meant to bring out the best in you. The yearlong acquisition of knowledge and thorough preparation strengthen you. Well, these lines suggest the mood & flavor  Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s latest scribble- ‘Exam Warriors’. This book is meant for kids of all ages from ‘Pati-penwala to Jeanswala.’ A unique experience for all age readers.

‘Exam warriors’ is written in 25 chapters to which he has titled mantras. In each ‘Mantra’. i.e. chapter, tips for the best examination preparations are written in simple and lucid language. It emphasizes on how to reduce the fear of examination, pre-exam and post exam relaxation techniques. PM shares his student life experiences to inspire his readers.

Interestingly, this book is not meant only for 10th or 12th board students but for college goers too. It engages the reader through various activities given at the end of each mantra. Inspired by his personal experiences, he believes in our ancient techniques of balancing mind and body. He emphasizes on practicing ‘Suryanamskar’,’Pranayam’ & various Yogasanas to increase physical, mental strength. The book has separate pages for these mind and body exercises.

PM connects himself with young readers as if he is their elder brother or an uncle. The book’s student friendly content, in a very subtle manner, creates a non-political, soft and lovable image of the Prime Minister. In two mantras he also addresses to parents and teachers. The book is available on Narendra Modi app, on various E-Commerce Platforms and of course in leading book stores.


Dr. Shirish Kashikar
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