On 25th September, 2021, saturday, at Ahmedabad, Deendayal Upadhyay Trust observed their birth anniversary in a nostalgic remembrance and reverence. The chief guest was Manasi Joshi, world champion in Para-Badminton. 

Shri Uday Kaarani, the trustee of Deendayal Upadhyay trust, in his brief deliverance described how the library has actually helped the students to find solace and move ahead to find their aspirations reach sky. 

The chief guest, Manasi Joshi, gave a form of words to the heartwarming journey she has had. Leaving a secured engineering job, losing a leg in a fatal accident and joining sports is not something so incidental. However, she took the leap and received tremendous support from her parents and mentors to stand where she is. 

In her deliverance, the young champion conveyed that, “we need people who take society a step ahead.”

Shri Haresh thakkar, RSS member, began his speech expressing the gratefulness for being honoured to speak on such soul soothing occasion and also presented his apologies for yet not being the persona to talk about such a righteous man. 

He described how Shri Deendayal Upadhyay always considered All-round progress a must and gave us a path to walk on and receive enlightenment in all dimensions of life.

The trust showed their gratitudes towards Manasi Joshi, the brave lady for giving all the students a hope to head high even in difficult times. 

In an exclusive talk with Antahkaran, Manasi joshi revealed her gratitude towards the change that is happening around, the trains being disabled-friendly, and the increase in pace is what she is looking forward to.

She described how along with working out hard with determination, giving your mind and body rest is also important which she herself follows in her routine. 

The proud father smiled once again, seeing his daughter being an inspiration to many because he is the one she gives credit to. 

The event was given an end with a patriotic and melodious touch where the feeling of nationalism swirled around everyone present.