“Technology is a wide concept which has an abundance of sub-topics involved in it. It encompasses a wide spectrum and defining it is a demanding task, but we can certainly discuss its effects and impacts.”

NIMCJ held its 40th Independent Mass Power (IMP) on 5th September’18 at DPS Gandhinagar on the topic: “Effects of latest technology on Youth” which was also transmitted live on the Facebook page of ‘Independent Mass Power’ – www.facebook.com/impmasstalk/ IMP is a student forum for discussions on important topics at local, state, national and international level, and also entertainment, literature, and many such areas. This IMP session was one of its kind as it witnessed the participation of students of NIMCJ and 11th and 12th-grade students from DPS, Gandhinagar. With applauds and valuable feedback emerging from this IMP, it was undoubtedly a massive hit.

The panel comprised of Mr. Mikul Patel (Founder and CEO, Moodcafe.in) and Mr. Samir Parmar (PGT, Computer Science) DPS as a subject expert who gave enlightening insights on the topic during the discussion. The panel consisted of T. Hariidaran, Varun Chaturvedi, Jeet Kaneria and Konark Marwaha from DPS, Gandhinagar and Khushbu Chauhan and Harshil Desai from NIMCJ. The event was anchored by Veena YJ, a student of NIMCJ.

This IMP brought in new perspectives and insights into how technology is affecting the youth. In his opening remarks, Mr. Samir Parmar (Subject expert) brought out what exactly technology is and how it has evolved over the years. He described with the help of examples how technology has become a part and parcel of our life and we have progressively become dependent on technology. The panelists in support of this motion emphasized, how technology has made life comfortable, convenient and congenial for the mankind. From morning to evening we are surrounded with technological devices and being increasingly exposed to the gadgets in the field of entertainment, computing, communications, lifestyle, cameras, health, home use etc and a large portion of daily activities are connected with social media. The panelists had a comprehensive discussion on social media and its impact too. The panelists against the motion supported their arguments on how technology has made us lazy and affected the manual work. They also observed that it is not the technology which should be blamed, instead, the people who use that technology are the culprit. It entirely depends upon the person who uses the technology and how they use it.

The anchor then highlighted the predicament of children browsing websites getting exposed to salacious content which is not in their control. This was a serious question and several views came up regarding this from the audience and panelists. This question led to another important point of discussion which was asked by the audience: Is there a necessity of monitoring the browsing activities of their children by the parents and if Yes, How much? and How? The audience came up with brilliant perspectives which can be summed up as “The more you control and tell them about how to use the internet, the more they rebel against it.” Parents are expected to warn them, guide them and give them knowledge about the usage of the internet and the dangers that lurk online but should let them handle it.

Mr. Mikul Patel (Subject expert) gave an insight on a new term Netiquettes. He elaborated that, “Digital citizenship and netiquettes are getting on hype because of abundant technological advancements. People need to realize that how do we want to use technology”. This was a very important matter of concern which was covered in IMP as it opened the discussion to another perspective. The panelist and audience came up with varied views about this term and is it actually necessary.

The event concluded with ‘Vote of Thanks’ to DPS Gandhinagar for enabling the conduct of the event in their school and presenting of certificates by NIMCJ to the Subject experts and Panelists. A memento was also presented by NIMCJ to DPS, Gandhinagar as a token of appreciation and remembrance.

The feedback of the event was given by the attendees which can be viewed at http://www.antahkaran.in/highlights-from-40th-independent-mass-power/