Happy Holi

The trees grin with their sprout
of delicate clears out and blossoming blooms,
 Eternal nature with its temporal expression.
 Hails spring with bliss and delight!
 Bewildering shades with so numerous tinge.
 The arrive of excellence and enormity,
 India, seeing color of joy and peace.
 Nation come lively to appreciate the spirit
A celebration of color- Holi!
 An involvement of substanceagreement and enchant. Holika burns in the midst of joy and jollity.
 Evil overwhelmed by cherish and dedication.
 A celebration to commemorate ‘Ras Lila’-
 a persevering adores adventure of Radha and Krishna. Gulal – ruddy, green, yellow and endless.
 A day’s canvas – a revolt of colors.
 Lively swarm running here and thither,
 Rainbow of colors, dashing from each niche and corner. Disregarding their burden and lose hope intense people, rejoicing at the wonder of colors.
 A day filled with gloss and joy,
 A day to spread our dreams-
 With a sprinkle of dynamic craze colors.
 Holi Hai! A spring of unbounded fun and skip!
-Nikita Baid