It’s common for nervousness to creep into gym time. People have that fear, “Am I doing this right? Are people looking at me when I am working out? Am I sweating too much?  Am I the only imperfect one?”  But one thing you’ve got to understand is you are not alone in that room.

Nobody is born with a perfect body. Everyone works hard towards attaining their desired body.  65% of women actually don’t go to the gym over a fear of being judged.

The list of gym fears can go on like

  1. Clothing choice
  2. Fear being stereotyped
  3. Sweat marks on clothes
  4. Being way too much out of the shape
  5. Fear of people stops you doing new exercises


  • Do your research

Look for a smaller gym in the town, you won’t need a map to navigate your way. A small group will make you feel more comfortable.

  • Choose right clothes for gym

That includes proper gym clothes. I have seen people wearing night t-shirts in a gym. The reason why proper clothes are important is that having a complete plan before walking into the gym will boost your confidence level.  Right material and clothes make you feel more responsible towards your body & can give you lots of energy.

  • No one is perfect

This is very important to know that people go to a gym for workout. Every body’s been there. Everyone ‘s so worried about themselves, they are hardly looking at you.

  • Know who to ask

There are trainers who are there just to help you, don’t hesitate to ask help from them, they are only there to guide you and taking a responsibility of your workout. You can also go for personal trainers, they will be the major reason to change your body, also they will make your food chart, exercise routine etc.

What time is right for the gym?

There are no specific rules to it. But morning workouts are the best, but you can do it whenever you want.  The only thing which is important is, don’t eat 2 hours before you do your workout.  Morning workout keeps you more fit and energetic all day long. I think doing a workout is more important rather than anything.

But having a fixed time for a gym is like a more discipline in your life. It keeps you focused and responsible towards your health.

By Megha Pandya

[email protected]