I was sixteen, playing with my friend’s outskirts of the city or I guess in between,

Carefree, having fun, because we were different from normal teens,

We don’t like to play cricket, football or badminton,

So what If boys aren’t smitten by sports?

My mother was trying hard to change my taste, but why doesn’t she understand that’s who I am, whether people love me or hate.

People have been cursing me ever since I was born. Does being gay, cease my rights as a human?

The torture on me is always on fire because the society didn’t want to accept a guy with slightly different behavior, style or attire.

Wasn’t I born to live a normal human life, rather than being categorized and compared to masculine or feminine?

I decided to do something that put everyone in a shock,

Because people were disappointed with me and my life, and I could only get sympathy and concern from everyone.

NO, suicide is not the only option to get over from such pang,

I chose a path, a destiny, a career and made sure to answer all sadists with my success, that too with a bang!