“Being Hyper-active and  Hardworking is the key to Survive in this field and  these platforms will provide you with this prerequisite. Exemplary Initiative!” – Amitabh Sinha 

Along with Dignitaries Shri Amitabh Sinha (Editor, News 18) and  Shri Pradip Jain (Managing Trustee, VSEF), the  National Institute of Mass Communication and  Journalism (NIMCJ), Ahmedabad, on 12th June 2021 at 11 AM  successfully embarked on the journey of its new Initiatives, Antahkaran and  Ninaad. It is and will continue to remain a very nostalgic moment, not just for the walls of the prestigious institute but also for the hearts and souls of students who have seen themselves nourishing and flourishing! 

The Editor-in-Chief of Antahkaran, Himanshi Gupta, succinctly described how she always remained keen to know the ‘Behind The Scenes’ of this diversified field and how this platform is no less than a perfect blend of it. Podcasting might be in its infancy stage in India but would play a significant role in molding our future. Moreover, today, Ninaad, a thought director of NIMCJ, Dr. Shirish Kashikar, turns into a reality. 

The inauguration was followed by the interaction filled with sensational insights… and  these are the questions that Shri Amitabh Sinha meticulously answered: 

Question and Answer Rain Sets Off!

1: What was your experience and what were the challenges you faced while reporting for the earthquake incident of 2001 in Gujarat and  do you notice any difference today, after 20 years, if that type of reporting is to be delivered? 

Answer: We lacked a place to sleep and  eat, had to live in Swaminarayan temple, complete work in the day,  send beats till night and  rest there itself but, what was more gruesome was the situation outside, people had lost their loved ones, houses were broken, people had nothing to eat, but the Gujarat government indisputably worked very hard. Being a reporter, it is proud that we got the opportunity to cover these incidents. However, my heart was filled with grief, something which can never be forgotten. 

Although today’s situation is different, today, the focus is more on Sensational News and  not on Neutral News. Then, the focus was not on covering the dead bodies but on how the rehabilitation would be done. However, according to my, there will be a breakthrough soon.  

2: As we all agree that Television plays a huge role in building opinions, what are the changes you predict would take place in coming years in this audio-visual mode of communication? 

Answer: We have established a ‘Self Regulation body.’ There is Freedom of Expression, so the government could not interfere and hence we first introspect, and only after the filtration process is done, things are presented in front of the world.  And also, the rat race of TRP has come to rest, which has led the focus on News, again. 

3: According to you, any other credible model could replace the model of TRP? 

Answer: Interests of people have changed, people no longer want to see hour-long debates and  Social Media is used to take public Opinions. Moreover, I believe the more Mature Media gets, the more Trustworthy it would become. 

4: As we know that social media platforms have remained a source of information for electronic media. Do you think amendments in its policies or banning of these platforms would impact your News flow? 

Answer: Not much difference would be there because India is a vast nation and  we have reporters nationwide.  

5: What are the aspects which you keep in mind while breaking any breaking news?

Answer: Reporter’s Authenticity.  

6: According to you, is Social Media’s swiftness a challenge for Electronic Media? 

Answer: We are not competing with that medium. We know that level of briskness is not possible, so we only focus on improving our efficacy and rest everything would fall in place.  

7: How do we balance between Pro and Anti ideology?  

Answer: We need to be neutral on air. Sooner or later, everything comes out, and this government is evidence of it. 

8: According to you, have we rectified the errors committed on 26/11? 

Answer: Undoubtedly yes, NBA (News Broadcaster Association) has made a day-night difference and we are constantly working on presenting Amusing and informative Content.  

“The solo motto for initiating Acchi Khabar (E-magazine) a year ago was to spread positivity,  and launching of Antahkaran and  Ninaad is like Final Flourish.”-Dr. Shirish Kashikar (Director Head of NIMCJ)