The month of March have arrived with bright sunny days, tress flowering and a sweet aroma all around. It is the arrival of beautiful spring. But wait! With all these happy things in the casket, there is also the presence of something that march has always been known for – The Board and Final Exams! I hope I am not the only one who thought board exams were exams written on blackboard. No matter how hard have you studied all around the year; you can’t escape examination phobia. With neighboring aunty who keeps on bragging how her daughter studies the whole day and that distant uncle that proudly says his son eats physics formulae in lunch and dinner; this period of exams surely becomes a full pack family drama.

While studying for exams, it’s normal to get distracted. During this time, you may come across various quotes saying ‘Marks doesn’t matter’ and ‘Our education system needs a change’ and all of that. To be honest don’t get distracted by these quotes. Because during this time, you can’t change anything, the only thing you can do is study well and give your best. No matter whatever you say but it’s really very easy to criticize our education system then to work towards the change. And to be honest you need a mark sheet to get admission into your field; you can’t change that.

One thought that pops up in our head while studying for exams is: Do marks really matter? If you currently do not have that practical expertise in any field, having a qualification will be like having a cake. It will get you through life up to the time you become genius. And having good marks on the top of it will be like icing on the cake.

How to concentrate on studies without getting distracted?

-Find your ‘why’:

The biggest and the most pivotal factor behind most distractions is lack of motivation, interest and purpose.

Do you get distracted when you’re watching videos on YouTube or playing videos games? No right! The reason why you don’t procrastinate when you’ve to play video games is because they interest you. But when it comes to your studies it’s the opposite, you’re disinterested. That’s the fundamental reason why you get distracted so easily.

So how do you motivate yourself for less interested but important matters such as academics?

Think of why you’re doing, what you are doing.

For example: If you’re a high school student then getting good marks and excelling in exams is important for you to get admission in your desired college, which is important step towards achieving your career goals.

This exercise will help you to find motivation for studies. So don’t get distracted and study well.

“Working is not important, working in a right direction is important”. If you are writing your exams why not do it properly! See mugging up things and splitting it on exam paper won’t get you good marks. It is important to present it properly and systematically. Whenever you write your answers, write it properly with proper introduction, heading and conclusion. Good memory does not guarantee good marks, but good presentation will for sure get you good marks! So it is important to present your answer sheet properly.

So don’t get distracted and study well. And also look for the happy side-VACATIONS! Yes you can use vacations as your motivation to study well. Look for the happy side that you have to study for a short period and then you can enjoy your vacations. Give your best and forget the rest!

Good luck!


-Shina Utavani