Out on a shopping spree? That’s amazing. All the better for us to help you out. The list of “must-haves” is just what you need to freshen up your closet and let go of old, unwanted and boring outfits. 

  1. Florals and tropical prints:

These shirts have been in demand for the past two years. Whether it’s for a vacation or a pool party or a casual day out, these shirts are perfect for you. Pair it with slim-fit ankle-length trousers or Bermuda shorts. For footwear, sneakers or loafers would do just perfect. To accessorize you could add a silver chain and a few statement rings. You could put on a boater sun hat or a Marks & Spencer ambassador hat. For a quirky yet chill look, these shirts are perfect.

  1. Vertical stripes:

From street style to celebs, also known as jailor style print, these t-shirts are highly on-trend. Pairing it up with Bermuda shorts is perfect. For footwear, slightly heeled loafers are recommended. To accessorize with the outfit -> Retro shades + leather watch + musky cologne = Ready to walk that walk and talk that talk.

  1. Bermuda shorts:

Want to look dashing but also don’t want to overdo it? Then this is the one. For an easy breezy and chill time, pair it up with a shirt of your choice and some cool kicks to go with it. We think you are absolutely ready to go out there and make a statement. 

  1. Slim fit ankle-length trousers:

Got a day out with your friends at the office? No worries. These trousers are the exact thing you need. To make your outfit a perfect mix of casual with professionalism, these trousers are the one. Pairing it up with a white shirt or a polo t-shirt will work wonders. Add some loafers, and you’re good to go.

  1. Loafers:

A highly demanded footwear, loafers have been in style for decades. But recently, the trend is being picked up even more. From offices to random days, this footwear has done nothing but add a touch of dashingness to your outfit. 

  1. Chelsea boots:

Running late for work, but don’t want to bother yourself with laces or buckles? These boots are perfect for you. The kind of boots which releases you from laces, buckles and belts. Just slip it on and you’re ready to go. 

  1. Pair of All whites:

For an, all summer outfit -> a white shirt, white Bermuda shorts, white sneakers, watch and retro shades are what you need. For a casual yet chill look, this pair of outfits is perfect.

  1. Oversized tees and Joggers:

Not just women, but the trend of baggy clothes is being carried by men as well. An oversized tee or a hoodie and joggers with chunky sneakers is a mood. To accessorize it, a bucket hat and a vintage sling bag would do just fine. 

  1. Retro shades:

We know that old is gold. Who knew that, that gold would be trending. That’s right. Retro shades are highly on-trend with both men and women. Giving a sharp edge to your outfit, these shades are the exact thing you’re looking for.

  1. Statement jewellery:

Yes, you read it right. Not just women, but these statement pieces of jewellery are trending in the fashion world of men as well. A must-have in the closet for men out there. A layering of silver or gold chains, chunky bands or rings, or maybe a bead bracelet for the wrists. Any type of statement jewellery is a guaranteed ornament to make you look fresh and outgoing in your outfit. 

Happy shopping!