Is your closet in a condition which you can’t even bear to look at because it’s so boring? Don’t worry. We have got your back.!

Here are the top ten “must haves” to lighten up your closet with unique styles that’ll help you stand out from the crowd and turn people’s heads in your direction wherever you go. Women’s section:-

  1. Oversized boyfriend tees:-

Also known as baggy tees, these tees have been on trend for the past 1 year. If you want to go for something casual yet chill look, then this tee is a must. You can pair this up with flared jeans or back to the 90’s bell bottoms, partially tucked in from the front and you can wear sneakers or loafers of your choice with this. 

Whatever you feel compliments the outfit well and throw on some gold or silver statement jewelry. Now you’re all ready to have an effortless casual/chill time with people out there.

  1. Puffed sleeves:-

For a casual yet chic look, this is the perfect style for you. 

You can pair it up with high waist skinny jeans/ripped shorts or if it’s a full puffed sleeve top, you can pair it up with any skinny leather pants, slit skirt or shorts. 

As for footwear, truffle collections’ black solid suede platform heels are highly recommended as they go really well with anything you pair up your top with. 

Outfit + no makeup look + gold statement jewelry = Perfecto!

  1. Wide legged denim jeans:-

An underrated bottom wear which has been on trend for the past 6 months is definitely a must have. For all you suckers for the latest fashion trends out there, this is for you. 

Any oversized shirt or t-shirt, plain, checks or knitted goes well with it. Cropped cardigans work well with it as well. You could wear white sneakers or white ankle boots. 

And to finish the look you could put on a casual long wrap around coat or a leather jacket. 

  1. Tennis skirts:-

Currently the craze over tennis skirts has skyrocketed.

A clothing trend that helps you dress up for any occasion including casual dates or hang out with friends, giving you a casual yet chic look. Tuck in a white shirt and put on a black or apricot colored cropped cardigan, a vest or an oversized sweatshirt, and throw on some white sneakers. And to top it all off, gold statement jewelry always works. 

  1. Combat boots:-

 Sleek and all chunked up combat boots are such a mood. For a fierce and bold look these boots are perfect for you. You can pair it up with skinny leather pants or shorts, or a tennis skirt. 

  1. Knee high boots:-

Whether you want to wear it to your office or a party or a random day, these knee high boots are to kill for. You can get them of your choice, black or white. White is highly recommended. 

  1. Chunky loafers:-

A popular street style footwear is a must have for sure. Chunky loafers go really well with shorts or tennis skirts with knee or thigh high socks.

  1. Bucket hats:-

Believe it or not, yes they’re in trend. Out for a casual day out? This one’s perfect to accessorize with your outfit. Pair it up with wide legged jeans or oversized khaki pants with cardigans, vests or long casual coats. 

Voila! You’re ready to go.

  1. Maxis and funky prints:-

If you’re a sucker for boho chic outfits, then this is a must for you. Funky printed shirts, skirts or scarves or maxi dresses for an easy breezy summer outfit should be your go to option. Pairing it up with statement bohemian jewelry and fringed ankle boots to finish the look. 

  1. Knitted vests:-

Oversized knitted vests have been in the trend for the past 2 years. Pairing it up with tennis skirts or high waist wide legged jeans or khaki pants and white sneakers are absolute favs. 

From influencers to celebrities, it’s highly on trend.  

We’re sure your closet won’t feel boring anymore with these styles. So go out there and flaunt your fashion game. 

For the gentlemen out there, don’t worry we’ve got your back too. Keep yourself updated with the website because we’ll be dropping in, top ten “must haves” for men’s closet next week.