LGBT – Uncommon Gender

You talk about equality, of rights, freedom and responsibility.

But I only see social difference and hypocrisy in your behaviour

You happily embrace people of different religion, colour and race,

But only in my matters you completely change your face.

Yes I am different yet I am a lot the same.

There is nothing bad in me that you constantly blame.

You call me abnormal! What’s your definition of normal or difference?

Isn’t it subjective what we choose, as our sexual preference?

Being Bisexual, Transgender, Lesbian or Gay

Is not at all a disease in any kind of way!

Every person is individual, special, different and unique

Then why is heterosexual normal and LGBT a freak?

Mine is not a different gender; first of all, it’s my sexuality

I am not bizarre anomaly; I just am a different personality

I am not a curse for my family; or any threat to yours.

I am definitely not sick and I don’t need any cure.

I did not have a choice to become like me

A soul of someone trapped in someone else’s’ body

It’s not a psychological disorder existing in mind

It’s the society trying to ignore the reality pretending to be blind

And Oh! That social customs to think again and again,

In a so called ‘normal’ society, a woman should be married to man!

Why should relationships and marriages be always this way?

Why can’t there be lesbian lovers and Guy happily marrying a Gay?

The term ‘hetero’ in heterosexual means different and diverse

Yet having a gay, lesbian or homosexual child is considered a curse.

There are some stupid myths that follow me too,

Things I’d like to draw your attention towards and educate you

I don’t bite and make you like me, my sexuality isn’t contagious

Neither is this feeling antisocial, unlawful or unreligious.

It’s basically your attitude and how you choose to see me;

A homosexual problem or a person who’s socially free

To study, to work, to love and live a regular life,

To chose a woman as my partner; or a man as my Wife!

I am fighting my battles inside and out,

I want to be accepted as a part of normal crowd

And when I tried to demand for my justice and rights,

I was crushed and brutally beaten, for unarmed verbal fight!

We are free people, says our constitution, yet mentally slaves

On freedom of your insecurities our rights are digging graves

What kind of strange world is this?

Where people are fighting to love?

What kind of society we live in

Where my private union is a public sin!

And talking about hypocrisy

It’s the same world where a celebrity gets bail, prevented to go to jail,

So, is my love for sale?

Or is it like a toy to the hands of selfish and corrupted politicians

Who ‘wants’ self is greater than my ‘needs’ in personal calculations?

Speaking about math with subtraction and multiplication

Television adds to prejudices and promotes division,

I am losers in TRP’s war and television ratings.

The misguiding deception that homos are for hating.

Be careful of the way, how the “truth” is portrayed,

Your mind will sway towards the opposing ways.

But open your heart, your mind and see!

You live a life not different than me!

Creating chaos is not my intentions;

I’m trying to change the current situation.

Just stretch towards us a helping hand,

Try to know us and truly understand

In each and every heart let the revolutionary fire ignite

It’s is not about religion, race and colours, It’s about human rights.

-Deepen Upadhyay